Raising Children to engage in REAL life

We had some company a while back with some teenagers… which made me thankful for the stage of life I am now in. ūüėČ

After they left I told my husband how sad it is that children, teenagers & even adults don’t know how to interact with REAL people anymore. ¬†I mean they came in looking for a place to plug their phones! ¬†They plopped down on the couches zoned into their electronic contraptions. ¬†Real conversation was foreign to them & what little they did was with a phone in hand with very little eye contact.¬†


But the sad thing is- it was somewhat the same with the adults.  Sports update here.  Text. Facebook notification.  The list goes on.  

This is so sad to me. ¬†I don’t want this for my kids. ¬†

I mean they already ask for games on phones now… at 3,4 & 6!!! ¬†

How do we stop this?  

My husband & I have really been considering this- & how we want our kids to be when they become teenagers. ¬†We don’t want kids who have NO idea how to interact other than texting. ¬†We want them to engage in real life!¬†

We have recently been weeding out out DVD collection. ¬†We’ve realized that we want to be a learning/reading family & in order to achieve that we must do that. ¬†So slowly I’m ebaying them off- to invest in wholesome BOOKS & such. ¬†

It is so hard in this day & time- I feel like we have to compete with EVERYTHING as parents. ¬†Kids don’t get bored anymore- they are constantly entertained by the world. ¬†I refuse to give in to the world’s distractions. ¬†I will fight to deprive my children of these distractions & teach them to value the importance of their imagination & REAL LIFE.¬†

I have discovered as well (in the past couple of months) that there is no community if you are not apart of the social media aspect of things. ¬†That’s where everyone interacts now! ¬†How sad that is for so many young mothers. ¬†I’m not downing social media- totally. ¬†I can see where it has it’s good sides. ¬†But when it becomes strictly how people converse… something is wrong. ¬†I have made it my purpose to be intentional with real life relationships.

 It breaks my heart- really it does. 

Do you have any thoughts?  How do you handle things like this with your children?