We’re getting a dog!

We have been planning on getting a dog for sometime now.  We actually told our oldest daughter we would get her one when she turned 5.  That didn’t work out because I had the baby & my youngest was still in diapers & the middle son was just barely potty trained.  So the deal became that when she turned 6 we would get a dog.   She will be 6 next month- we will have our new puppy tomorrow afternoon!!!   Yay for us!  I’m not totally thrilled with the idea of more poop to deal with, however, I think it’ll be worth it 🙂

Today we went & got all the things we need to have a dog.  When I say “we”  I do mean all SIX (we have 4 children 6 & under) of us.  We rarely do this- get out I mean ALTOGETHER.  We pretty much avoid it at all costs.  It exhausts me to think about getting everyone ready & out the door to do anything especially if there will be other human beings where we plan on going.  Especially strangers.  I worry about about everyone (kids) freaking out at the same time.  I worry about having to take them to nasty public bathrooms (so we actually go to the bathroom twice before we leave- once before they get dressed & then again before they get in the car).  I worry about parking lots.

Well, anywho- we geared ourselves up for the challenge because we wanted the kids to be part of “getting ready” for our new dog.  Everything went well considering.  🙂  I noticed a few looks (at how many little ones we had), but only one comment today.

Here it is:

“You gotcha a boat load there huh?”

We just smile.

I often wonder how come more people can’t say positive things.  Like “Wow, what a nice looking family”.

What about you?  Do you say positive things to other mothers (parents)?  What are some things you say?

I challenge you to encourage or say ONE positive thing to a young mother you see in public.  I bet you would make someones YEAR!