10 Things About Me

I thought I’d introduce myself a little bit by giving you 10 random facts about myself 🙂

Let’s get started shall we?

  1. I’m turning 29 in a matter of days :(.  This partly makes me sad… just because I wonder where all the time goes.  Time seems to fly by the older you get.  Then I’m partly like, “thirty doesn’t look so bad after all”.  *sigh*
  2. I am married to the my best friend & I kid you not- I knew I’d marry him the day I met him.  I actually called my mom & said, “I’m pretty sure I met my future husband”.
  3. I have four of the most precious children & while they can wear my nerves out hourly— I’d lay down my life for them in a heartbeat.  They are the best thing that’s ever happened to me.
  4. I love to be outside.  Winter & I have a pretty much hate:hate relationship.  Between Spring & Fall the kids & I live outside basically.
  5. I have been pregnant for 3 years (not consecutively) & I’ve been  nursing for going on 42 months (again not consecutively).
  6.  I absolutely love coffee!!!  And it’s just awful that I live a bout a mile from Starbucks. 😉
  7. I’m a type “A” person all the way.
  8. While I’m a type “A” person – I’m also a mother which kinda throws my type “A” off quite a bit & sometimes puts me in a tizzy.
  9. I am a homeschooling mother & I love it.
  10. I love all things natural, organic & real

That’s a little about me!  Tell me about you! 🙂


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